Hi, all. Welcome to the first blog from my new website. Seems like a good opportunity to talk about the new site!

My previous site served me well ó for like a yearÖ

Technology changes fast. I needed to make sure my online presence was doing everything it could to get my art out in the simplest, most attractive way possible. If you noticed that the old site was getting a little creaky well, it hasnít been getting as much love as itís probably needed. Our attention was focused forward.

The new site includes all the nice features of the old, like the search galleries option and the secure shopping cart. Youíll see a lot of new designs in my One-Of-A-Kind gallery. Iíve got a bunch of them and Iíll put them up when I can.

The new site looks great and loads quickly on your mobile device. An absolutely crazy percentage of folks cruise the web exclusively from their phones. Maybe youíre one of them!

Aside from the new look, most of the changes are under the hood. I totally donít understand most of it, but the fellows who make all this work assure me it needed to happen.

And this is a good time to give a huge shout out to Mike Pratt and Kevin Wagstaff, my Colorado web wizards without whom none of this would have ever happened.

Anyway, I hope you find the new site welcoming, fast, and easy to navigate. If you see anything wonky, please email me! Heck, email me anyway.