The weeks are flashing by and I’m going to be participating in another show tomorrow. Amazing how time does fly.

But before heading out I wanted to look back and share some experiences at the recent Denver Arts Festival. I’ve done this show for many years starting when it was located at the Denver Pavilions on the 16th street mall and then by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. It’s been one of my local go-tos. We have something a history, this show and me!

Show director Jim Delutes is a gem. But the poor guy has certainly had some tough luck with the weather for his shows. This latest turned into a one-day show because of pretty steady cold rain on Saturday. Sunday at least was lovely: sunny and warm with slight breezes. (Wind is the artists’ enemy #1 as far as weather is concerned.)

And I’m not even wearing my gloves or shell in this shot!

This last show was DAF’s second year at a new location in Stanley Green, a newer neighborhood in the Stapleton area in northwest Denver. It’s a lovely location in an up-and-coming part of town. The show surrounds a park area with amphitheater where Jim had live music both days.

I love watching the flow of folks during the different times of day as well as during changes in the weather. On Saturday the dedicated came to the show early. Once the rain and cold hit, 99.9% of patrons simply evaporated into thin air. Late in the afternoon there was a slight break in the weather and voila, folks came back. It was like watching a time lapse of a flower opening.

A few hardy souls on Saturday.

Sunday was a very different experience with perfect weather. That’s when it became apparent the Stanley neighborhood is populated mostly by young couples growing their families x a toddler or two in tow, a bun in the oven, and a dog or two added to the mix.

I sense this demographic is at a point in their lives when fine art is not as important as making sure the family is well housed and fed. Most of them are likely relatively affluent, but have little experience purchasing original fine art. That being said, quite a few of my bronzes were adopted — a new and inspiring way to grow the family. Plus, no doctor or vet bills!

Now, on to the Summer Art Market!