Vibrant Bronze Sculptures By Laurel Logo

My bronze animal sculptures are a reflection of my love for figurative expression and animals alike.

I take great pride in creating art that is meaningful and stands the test of time. Whether it’s a gift to another or a gift to yourself, each piece evokes true emotion and appreciation for those who feel drawn to adopt one.

You’ll see three lines of work on the site: My installation pieces are for those looking to fill larger spaces indoor or outdoors. My table-top sized limited-edition bronzes aimed at those who appreciate truly high-end fine art for the home or office. And lastly my Desk Buddies collection that make the energy of my work fit just about anywhere.


My installation pieces can grace any public or private space with a powerful presence. Indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing quite like a life-size (or bigger) elegant bronze to make a statement.

All of my designs can be made virtually any size to meet your vision.

Limited-Edition Bronze Sculptures

My limited-edition bronze animal statues range in size from table top to several feet. I created these high-end pieces to raise the spirit and bring joy to the viewer.

All of these designs you see in this collection are created in limited release, and are available for adoption only while the editions last. Please contact me directly to inquire about availability and shipping.

Desk Buddies

My wonderful Desk Buddies series are a more accessible part of my collection. They are intended to capture the spirit and energy of my larger limited edition pieces, all while fitting into any setting in your home or office.

These pieces are perfect for offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and more, and make a wonderful gift for both seasoned bronze collectors as well as those who are just starting to grow their collections.