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My Random 2023 Wall Pieces

Here are some quick studio shots of the wall pieces I have in the studio.

All are are one-of-a-kinds. Each includes sheet copper with ceramic sculpture, often supported by cotton or silk fabrics.

Scroll down to see them all!

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Bronze Through The Ages

One of the things I love most about working in bronze is its history as a sculptural medium. I feel my art is part of an unbroken story going back thousands of years and one that will continue thousands more into the future.

With that in mind I thought it would be […]

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My Lost-Wax Bronze Sculpture Process

Making a bronze sculpture is a challenging but rewarding task. It allows you to showcase your creativity in one of the most beautiful and oldest metal alloys on the planet. The “lost wax” casting method I’ll be discussing dates back as far as early Egyptian dynasties.

Step 1 x An Original Design

We don’t actually create the original design in bronze. […]

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The Rare One-of-A-Kind Bronze

In an earlier blog I described what limited and open editions mean. They are the two most common bronze sculpture types.

Today I want to tackle a more unusual topic!

In the world of bronze the rarest type you’ll find is a one-of-a-kind sculpture. This means there is only one of that particular sculpture in existence, making it […]

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View from the Summer Art Market

Here’s a quick look at a unique local show: the Summer Art Market (SAM), put on by the Denver Art Students League (ASL). It’s a wonderful weekend for many first-time artists along with us long-in-the-tooth professionals.

What’s the Deal with SAM?

What I love about this show is how it gives new and aspiring art students from the ASL the opportunity to […]

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A Day at the Denver Arts Festival

The weeks are flashing by and I’m going to be participating in another show tomorrow. Amazing how time does fly.

But before heading out I wanted to look back and share some experiences at the recent Denver Arts Festival. I’ve done this show for many years starting when it was located at the Denver Pavilions on the 16th street mall and […]

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Scenes from Belleville

One of the delightful aspects of participating in art shows is engaging with the folks attending by choice, mishap, or as their employment. At the Art On The Square show in Belleville, IL (May 19–21) I had the opportunity to experience all that plus some.

I write this to give insight into some slightly different aspects of the artist experience when […]

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What’s New? Three Pieces!

Hi, there.

There are three new pieces for you to find on the site.

While logging some quality home time during the off season I also managed to get into the studio.  You’ll find two more additions to my fox gallery and a brand new thing […]

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