A Bronze Meditating Dog Sculpture by Laurel

Dimensions: 3″H x 2 1/2″W x 2 1/4″D

I know; this is a big concept for such a little pooch. Peace invites you to take a moment and pause, resting in a place of quietude. It felt natural for me to sculpt this Intentional sculpture with soft ears and a full, rounded belly.

I created this piece as an invitation not only to take a breath, but also to be conscious of an intention. Be it personal peace, peace for a family member or friend, or a broader vision of world peace. This calm and gentle pooch is more than delighted to help you realize your vision. To quote John Lennon, “give peace a chance.” I support you in that!

About Intentionals

This sculpture is part of my new series of Intentionals. I’ve designed them to actively help us realize our visions. Each has a hollow on the underside of the sculpture. The hollow itself is a metaphor for receptivity, and should you choose, write down a thought, prayer, goal x or anything. Place your writing in the hollow and allow the sculpture hold the vision for you.

Our ancestors across cultures created physical items to support their intentions: Some as lofty as world peace, and others as personal as marital bliss. These pieces are here to serve you, as you may well serve others with your intentions.