One of a Kind Sculptures

While my current body of work is mostly bronzes in limited or open editions, I do have several designs that are each, for one reason or another, unique. I might have been playing with a concept, or using a new material.

My most recent “feather” series is like that. I got to combine a fun organic architecture with birds, animals, and buildings.

And with my “Column” series I got to combine figurative sculpting with oil painting. And for a few designs I got to sew copper mesh dresses!

My “On the Rocks” series is about combining materials. I fell in love with the look of petrified wood and hornfels as a platform on which to show my smaller bronzes. The combination is unique, for sure.

Totally on a lark, I at some point created several light-hearted ceramic environments for my Desk Buddies. They were just for fun. They’ve all been adopted, but I include them because they are fun!

Anyway, enjoy my “one offs.” If you see something you like, let me know ASAP. It’s first come, first served with these guys. I’ll try to keep this page current as pieces are adopted. If you see something you like that’s gone, check in with me. I might be able to make up a new one just for you.

And check back once in a while, I have more to add!

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