Bird Houses

Please contact me for availability

I just loved combining the straight lines of buildings with the organic shapes of my feathers and little birds. They created a very nice complement. These average about 14″ tall. If you’re interested in one that’s still available, drop me a line and I’ll get you the exact measurements.

  • Autumn Harvest #1 (sold)
  • Autumn Harvest #2 (sold)
  • Autumn Harvest #3 (sold)
  • Bright Eyes (sold)
  • Dawn Duet — $1,300.00
  • Dingle Morning — $1,050.00
  • Good Morning! — $1200.00
  • Morning Has Broken — $1,050.00
  • Tranquility — $1,200.00
  • Wave House — $1,060.00

Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the image on this page to see the name of each piece.

Her inspiring skill and magic in developing her pieces is matched by her generosity in allowing a flexible purchase option so the art is within reach!

TC Bloomington, IL November 25, 2015

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