The Proposal

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A Bronze Proposal Sculpture by Laurel Peterson Gregory


9″h × 12″w × 6″d
Edition of 18

This is The Proposal. It’s a classic Arabesque pose; my nod to formal romance.

I cast the proposer as a Beagle because they have such affectionate natures, those lovely soft ears, and the perfect tail for carrying the eye back up into the piece. I sculpted the female as a mix, because there were specific elements I wanted to include that weren’t available in any one breed. I ended up going with a supple body, combining it with a twisted tail and the femininity of full hind legs. I also needed expressive ears that could fold back as she raises her head in delight. The edges throughout the Proposal I left a little softer as an expression of the tenderness of the moment.

A perfect wedding anniversary gift for dog lovers, as well as those that appreciate dance and art.

Her inspiring skill and magic in developing her pieces is matched by her generosity in allowing a flexible purchase option so the art is within reach!

TC Bloomington, IL November 25, 2015

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