A Limited Edition Bronze Fox Sculpture by Laurel Peterson Gregory

9″ Sculpture
9″h × 13.25″w × 7.5″d
Edition of 77

4′ Life Size Sculpture
48″h × 70.5″w × 29.5″d
Edition of 25
$46,800.00 in Bronze (with stainless steel arch)
$39,000.00 in Aluminum

This is Pause for Reflection. Imagine a red fox on a cross-country journey. While bridging a little body of water, this one catches a flash of movement below. Foxes are known for their cleverness and curiosity, and this one is no exception. With natural agility it’s easy to balance, lean, and reach out delicately.

Pause for Reflection represents a shift into new territory for my work. Rather than my typical dynamic movement and joy, here I capture a moment of stillness and quiet reflection. The stylization is a little looser. The softer lines complement the quietness of the moment.

Part of the magic of this piece is how the viewer, like the fox, sees half of the sculpture when looking into the polished stainless steel reflecting pool. This effect allows Pause for Reflection to display well in a range of locations. Place it anywhere you want to capture a moment of quiet and beautiful inquiry.