A Brand New Bronze Bull and Bear Sculpture by Laurel Peterson Gregory

Dimensions: 3.5″h × 6.5″w × 4.25″d

Welcome Market Swing. This is my precast offer page. A limited time offer!

Market Swing is a cool new piece with another fun take on the market movements. Is it a dance? Or is it a take down? You can look at some of my other desk buddies to get an idea of the final finish and patina of Market Swing. I’m sure it will be great-looking.

All you have to do is put a refundable $400 deposit down using the shopping cart. I should have pieces ready by Christmas! When it’s ready I’ll send you an image. To then get yours you’ll pay the remaining $400 + $20 for shipping.

I am making this offer to the first 20 people to put down a deposit. Once I hit 20, this page will come down and the offer will close.

Remember: $400 is the deposit and not the total price for this piece!

Check out the video for more details. Ignore the references to clicking the “tell me more button.” I’m told it makes more sense when the video is seen in a social media context.

Thanks for stopping by!