A Bronze Lion Sculpture by Laurel Peterson Gregory

2 1/2″h × 4 3/4″w × 1 3/4″d

Alex the lion is full majesty at rest. Alert while also being very welcoming to your attentions. I've always been enamored of male lions. It’s probably the mane that made me and most other little girls want to hug one when the circus came to town. Not a very good idea.

Lions are symbolic of wisdom, power, royalty, dignity, courage, and justice — to name a few. Why not bring the king of the jungle into your home or office? It’s a great piece to keep you inspired as you overlook your own domain.

Her inspiring skill and magic in developing her pieces is matched by her generosity in allowing a flexible purchase option so the art is within reach!

TC Bloomington, IL November 25, 2015


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