Simply Ribbiting


A Bronze Frog Sculpture by Laurel Peterson Gregory


3″h × 3 3/8″w × 2 3/8″d

This may be the first frog you really do want to kiss. It’s hard to pass up that smile and open, come-hither expression. So what if it’s a bronze frog? This little amphibian is relaxing and looking good doing it. Most of us are on the lookout for our Prince or Princess, and we all know what enchantment can occur when you do kiss the frog. Plus they have such adorable toes!

If you happen to have a special person in your life that adores frogs and appreciates the art of bronze sculptures, this may be the perfect gift idea!

Her inspiring skill and magic in developing her pieces is matched by her generosity in allowing a flexible purchase option so the art is within reach!

TC Bloomington, IL November 25, 2015


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