A Bronze Bear Sculpture by Laurel Peterson Gregory

3″h × 4 1/2″w × 2 3/4″d

Sometimes a bear simply needs to be a bear. For quite a while now folks have been asking me to create pieces with my style and energy, but that were more realistic. Perhaps a little less whimsical. You can certainly find bears striking cute poses in nature, but for Bob I decided to express the strength and grounding force of the species.

Bear energy is a strong source of support, being fearless and confident. Whether Bob is adopted as a totem or simply as the essence of bear, he's sure to bring his solid presence to his new home. Big things do come in small packages.

Her inspiring skill and magic in developing her pieces is matched by her generosity in allowing a flexible purchase option so the art is within reach!

TC Bloomington, IL November 25, 2015

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