A Limited-Edition Bronze Sculpture by Laurel


6.75″h x 22″w x 5.75″d
Edition of 49

Living where I do I get to see a great deal of wildlife (including wild turkeys!). I had wanted to sculpt a bird piece for some time and started to design with no specific bird in mind. As I worked through my options I decided I wanted to add the element of water into the story. Ducks seemed the perfect solution. One thing that I think is super cool with this piece is the frosted glass I put between the bronze and the granite that creates a nice water effect.

I started to think about the Ugly Duckling story and what a powerful message it contains. Be yourself, listen to your truth and you will blossom! Ah-ha, clarity was found and I knew exactly what I wanted to sculpt. Ducks being ducks, each is doing its own thing along with a gorgeous swan who has indeed blossomed. I spent a lot of time figuring out the focus of each animal , where it’s looking or how it’s acting , to give the piece its overall direction and feeling. It just ended up being a ton of fun.

There are a lot of ways this piece can be interpreted, which is what I like about art. I create a basic theme, but then each sculpture may tell a totally different story depending on the viewer. I know this from traveling the country and engaging with folks at art shows. It’s the perfect conversation piece placed in a location where folks hang out and talk. One buyer sent an image of her Winging It centered on the dining room table. Perfect!