A Wall Street Bull & Bear Sculpture by Laurel


11″h x 12.5″w x 7″d
Edition of 99

36″h x 48″w x 24″d
Edition of 27

This is Wall Street Waltz. We call this the dance that drives America. As you can see, it’s a unique perspective on the give and take of Wall Street and the financial markets.

— Breaking news! I’ve finally gotten some decent images of the 7′ Wall Street Waltz installed in the new Millennium Plaza in downtown San Salvador, El Salvador. Pretty cool! Click the product images on this page to see a few of them.

All of the usual characteristics of my work are here, including the concave and convex curves, conscious use of planes and volumetric mass, movement highlighted by dimensional lines, balance, realistic proportions, and, of course, humor. The patina on this piece is particularly gorgeous; almost holographic with the multiple layers of color. The more light you can hit it with the better.

But there’s more here than a beautiful bronze sculpture: Wall Street Waltz embodies many stock market symbols, such as the bull’s black patina, and the bear fading ever so gently into red. The bull’s arm is up to naturally signify a rising stock market, while the bear’s arm is down, and of course, the bull is slightly larger to signify strength, power and our natural bias for the bull to overpower the bear.

Wall Street Waltz is the perfect gift for any financial executive or stock market professional! It serves as a reminder that the ebbs and flows of the market are a dance, and to not take things too seriously.