A Limited Edition Bronze Scottish Terrier Sculpture by Laurel


9″h x 7.75″w x 7.75″d
Edition of 85

This is my Twist Terrier, one of the five members of my larger Twist Party, but available individually. I gotta say this terrier may be one of my most exuberant pieces. It’s just so out there, not giving a hoot what anybody else thinks! A little while back I met a librarian at a show , she was a very quiet, deliberate lady. I was a little surprised when she adopted this piece. All I can say is she must live a rich inner life.

You can tell the breed here by the profile, ears, body proportions, tail…and of course, the beard.

The patina is also a little gonzo to complement the attitude of the piece. The stone-like effect really shows what we can achieve with bronze.

Twist Terrier comes on its own rotating granite base. And though small, it has real presence: a great little piece to have on your desk or anywhere you want a spin and a smile.

This fun and playful Bronze Scottie Sculpture makes for a striking centerpiece or entryway showcase.