A Limited Edition Bronze Poodle Sculpture by Laurel


10″h x 5.25″w x 5.25″d
Edition of 85

This is my Twist Poodle, one of the five members of my larger Twist Party, but available individually. Don’t tell the other twisters, but Twist Poodle is the star of the show for a reason. This poodle is pure attitude and simply demands our attention.

You can tell this piece is all poodle by the profile, ears, clipping, and that fantastic tail.

I typically go with what I call my tuxedo patina on this piece. I really like the simplicity of the black lacing. It just lets you appreciate poodle purity.

Twist Poodle comes on its own rotating granite base. And though small, it has real presence: a great little piece to have on your desk or anywhere you want a spin and a smile.

This fun and playful Bronze Poodle Sculpture makes for a striking centerpiece or entryway showcase.