A Limited-Edition Bronze Piece by Laurel


22″h x 19″w x 19″d
Edition of 5

This is the Twist Party. The five members are the Twist Pug, the Twist Dane, the Twist Terrier, the Twist Dachshund, and the Twist Poodle.

These pieces are my salute to the early 1960’s. I chose each breed for the wonderful variety of body types and personalities. You can tell them by their profiles, ears, body proportions, tails and, in some cases, the way they’ve been clipped.

The patinas for each are dramatically unique, creating a more powerful presence in each character. The Terrier, Great Dane, and Pug in particular show the stone-like effect that is possible with bronze.

This is a super fun piece, with each dancer on its own stainless steel platform. Each one turns as does the entire piece. Not only that, but you can rearrange the dancers however you like.