A Limited Edition Great Dane Sculpture by Laurel


10.5″h x 6″w x 6″d
Edition of 85

This is my Twist Dane, one of the five members of my larger Twist Party, but available individually. Even though my Dane is the largest breed on the dance floor, he still has moves.

You can see the Dane muzzle, ears, and proportions. And although this is a small piece, I tried to capture a sense of the size of our Danish friends through elements like the broad chest and strong back.

I like a brindle-like patina on my Dane. Most Danes I meet have this essential coloring, and I find it warm and grounding. Much like the breed!

Twist Dane comes on its own rotating granite base. And though small, it has real presence: a great little piece to have on your desk or anywhere you want a spin and a smile.

This playful Bronze Great Dane Sculpture makes for a striking centerpiece or entryway showcase.