A Bronze Proposal Sculpture by Laurel


9″h x 12″w x 6″d
Edition of 18

This is The Proposal. It’s a classic Arabesque pose; my nod to formal romance.

I cast the proposer as a Beagle because they have such affectionate natures, those lovely soft ears, and the perfect tail for carrying the eye back up into the piece. I sculpted the female as a mix, because there were specific elements I wanted to include that weren’t available in any one breed. I ended up going with a supple body, combining it with a twisted tail and the femininity of full hind legs. I also needed expressive ears that could fold back as she raises her head in delight. The edges throughout the Proposal I left a little softer as an expression of the tenderness of the moment.

A perfect wedding anniversary gift for dog lovers, as well as those that appreciate dance and art.