A Limited-Edition German Shepherd & Labrador Sculpture by Laurel


18.5″h x 18″w x 10″d
Edition of 18

This is Surrender To Love, the very first in the dancing dog series. As I was visualizing this series, I remember wanting to sculpt a piece dedicated to passion. And of all dances, the Tango is by far the most passionate.

Pairing a German Shepherd and Labrador worked well with the design I had in mind. Since the move is so complex and full of opportunities for use of negative space, I decided to reduce the volumetric mass of the dogs to planes wherever possible. Using this approach I was able to express the fluidity of the move while keeping the sculpture open and light. But you can see that the German Shepherd, while slender overall, still has the broad back curving into the powerful legs that support this classic move.