Bull and Bear Sculptures by Laurel Peterson Gregory

Open edition

Bear: 3.5″h x 4.25″w x 5″d

Bull: 4″h x 4.25″w x 5.5″d

Sometimes you don’t have a flat surface for a sculpture but do have a little wall space hankering for something special.

Here are a couple of great little wall pieces for those who resonate with the symbolism of the bull and bear. They can be adopted individually or as a set.

It’s a blast juxtaposing the pieces to tell different stories. You can have them looking askance at each other, looking in opposite directions, or placed vertically with one over the other. All you need is a couple of screws to hang them.

As with all of my sculptures each piece has a unique energy and attitude. And boy, do these two radiate attitude: Strength mixed with humor, and in such a little package.