A Limited-Edition Bronze Fox Sculpture by Laurel

15″ Sculpture
15.75″h x 7.75″w x 5″d
Edition of 77

18″ Sculpture
18.25″h x 10.5″w x 10.25″d
Edition of 39

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch fox kits play? They are amazing, so incredibly light on their feet and just bursting with energy and verve. Rambunction was a blast to sculpt once I figured out how to make the armature. It’s just total play and friendly mayhem. There was a lot for me to capture!

I had a very clear vision of the design, the movements of the bodies, and the openness of the piece. My intention with Rambunction was to express how we can continue to play throughout our lives if we give ourselves the time and space. This is a piece where one really senses the capturing of a dynamic moment, so joyful, so alive.