A Modern Bronze Mother and Child Sculpture by Laurel

Dimensions: 4″H x 4 3/8″W x 4 1/2″D

There is something uniquely magical in the relationship between a mother and child. I had a great time sculpting this Intentional sculpture; it really flowed, almost insisting on being created. My children are the four-legged kind, but I have more than fond memories of special times spent with my own wonderful mother. As with all of my pieces I invite the viewer to bring their own story to the table.

I named this piece Planting Seeds to reflect a range of nurturing concepts. On the face of it, as mothers read to their children they share the gift of books: Journeys into far magical places or to a farmer’s barn to visit all of the animals. On a deeper level, there is a profound transmission of values through the medium of loving attention.

If you look closely you can see the mother may be carrying another child, a planted seed that is quickening. Could she be reading to two? Many seeds of intention can be planted in this piece. I leave it to your dreams and imagination.

Planting Seeds is an open edition.