A Limited-Edition Dancing Dog Sculpture by Laurel


7″h x 15″w x 5″d
Edition of 21

This is Out of Step, a piece with more storylines than I have time to go into. Most cultures have some form of a line dance. And, if you watch for any length of time, you’ll usually see a few participants doing their own thing.

I decided to sculpt all working breeds for this piece, as you can tell from the ears, profiles, and tails. Speaking of tails, this is the piece that inspired me to put all of my pieces on turntables. At its debut we spent a lot of our time turning it around so people could see the backsides and well, one thing led to another!

I leave the storyline to the viewer. Whether you see it as a country line dance or a Broadway production of the “Dogettes, ” it’s still just plain fun.