An Otter Sculpture by Laurel


23.25″h x 10.6″w x 9.9″d
Edition of 55

When I think of super playful animals in nature I instantly think of otters. Their movements are uninhibited and inspiring. Ah, to be that flexible and graceful.

I sculpted this pair after surveying my collectors about animals they’d like to see me create. I’d wanted to do otters anyway, so it worked out great.

It was such a hoot figuring out the design. I knew I first and foremost I needed to come up with a design that radiates play and joy. I also wanted to give them an environment to play in without distracting from the otters.

I love working with the magic of negative space. I tried a few designs using logs and branches but they felt too heavy. Once I landed on the idea of lilies I was off to the races. It was a bit of a challenge creating the armature for this one!

I haven’t named these two characters. I’ll leave it up to you. They could be kids, a couple doing a little mating dance, or just friends tearing it up. Otterly Delightful is here to express the joi de vie of life in, on, and over the water. If you connect with it, you probably know the joy of play and a happy heart.

Check back for a video. I’ll post as soon as I can.