Bronzes on Polished Petrified Wood or Hornfels

When I came up with my family of slightly larger and more traditional Desk Buddies — Alex, Bill, Bob, Jess, and Riley — I had the idea that they would look cool framed by natural materials. I knew a guy who could hook me up with petrified wood and a very slick metamorphic rock called hornfels from northern New Mexico.

So what I do is make my pieces available on custom stones in three sizes: small for $75, medium for $125, and large for $175. Each has a polished top and usually one polished side. Obviously, each is unique, but all are beautiful! I then just add the cost of the Desk Buddy to the base.

So the price for the pieces you see here as examples would be:

  • Alex on medium hornfels: $320 + $125 = $445
  • Bob on medium hornfels: $390 + $125 = $515
  • Bill on medium petrified wood: $310 + $125 = $435
  • Jess on medium petrified wood: $330 + $125 = $455
  • Riley on large petrified wood: $320 + $175 = $495
  • And so on!

The Desk Buddies all fit in your hand, so that gives you an idea of the scale of these pieces. I can send specific measurements and images of available stone options if you'd like.

This combination makes a very powerful presence in a small package!

Contact me if you're interested!