13″ h x 4.5″ w x 6.5″ d

– SOLD –

This is one of my tower designs. What you’re seeing here is one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture (which is a little unusual) combined with a column on which I’ve done an original oil painting.

The vast majority of the bronze sculpture you ever see is either a limited- or open-edition. I have both in my portfolio. In this case, I sculpt the figures in wax. Those original waxes go directly to the foundry to be sprued and encased in shell. I just pray that they survive the process. No molds are made. Each bronze produced this way is solid. Each design is clearly marked as “1 of 1.”

Aside from sculpting, my other artistic love is oil painting. This series allows me to combine my passions and create a unique environment to complement and complete each piece.

As an artist, perhaps the greatest appeal of these “1 of 1’s” is that I get to do a lot of creating. I get to experiment and explore. I hope you like them!