A Limited Edition Bronze Cat Sculpture by Laurel


36?h ◊ 17″w ◊ 15″d
Edition of 39

This is Night Moves. I was inspired here by the long, lean, mousing machines that live with us in rural Colorado. Weíre a three-cat family, so Iím very familiar with the energy felines bring to a home.

I almost called this piece the Three Tenors, but borrowing Bob Seegerís title seemed to be slightly more appropriate to the overall motion of the cats.

One of the first things youíll notice about Night Moves is its openness. My goal was to design a statue that created a complete environment and narrative, along with being spacious, beautiful and fun. One of the dynamic aspects of Night Moves is its excellent negative space. Not only is the sculpture itself active, but if you can accent it with direct light it casts phenomenal shadows. As with most of my bronze statues, the fact that itís on a turntable is an extra plus. You can give it a turn for a different look any time.