An Eagle Sculpture by Laurel


20.4″h × 16.5″w × 21.5″d
Edition of 55

I strive to create designs that uniquely depict a creature, tell a story, or a share a feeling.

The eagle is incredibly symbolic and powerful. And I wanted to complement that power by framing it with the crescent moon, which is symbolic of creation and manifestation. Put the two together and you have Moonshot.

There are multiple definitions of Moonshot — from baseball homeruns in the 1940s to the Apollo program in the 1960s. To me Moonshot is an expression of believing that anything is possible, even the biggest things. We don’t know what the journey looks like, but we can appreciate that the eagle will do it in style, expressing the fierce joy of forward movement.

Check back for a video. I’ll post as soon as I can.