A Limited-Edition Bronze Fox Sculpture by Laurel

12″h x 12″w x 8″d
Edition of 99

Moongate translates my inquisitive fox into the mythic realm. Here we see a creature reaching from one world to another, perhaps only to find itself. The fox, while high up in space, still yearns for something only distantly glimpsed. Aren’t we all?

This piece exhibits all the hallmarks of my work, such as curves transitioning into planes, highlighted dimensional lines, complex and rich patinas, and a bit of complementary texture. Even though this fox is in repose, the graceful arc from the tip of the tail to the reaching paw is reminiscent of the movement of my dance sculptures.

Here you’ll also see a couple of mockups for archway applications of the Moongate design. Contact me to learn more about having one custom-designed for your space!

Check back for a video soon.