An Interactive Bronze Bull and Bear Sculpture by Laurel

4″h x 12″w x 6″d

– This is a new piece. The complete set is available for $1,025.00 + shipping. –
– Please contact me for availability ,

As you can see from the images, Gladiators is a fun piece. The platform of US currency or elegant marble rectangle provide a nice stage on which my market characters Hamilton and Brutus can strut their stuff.

You can write an infinite number of stories with your arrangements of these two. I’ve had fun playing with them. They can be combative, nonchalant, or disengaged as if the dust has settled and they’re heading back to their corners. Change them to fit your mood or reflect whatever’s happening in the market.

As you can see, I have two platforms available: Most recently I’ve done a cool printing of US dollar bills on sturdy 12″ by 6″ acrylic. Gladiators is also available on unique 12″ by 6″ marble. Both types are raised on soft plastic bumpons to protect whatever surface you put it on.