A Limited-Edition Bronze Fox Sculpture by Laurel


12″h x 12.5″w x 7″d
Edition of 55

This is Foxy Bump, a piece I really looked forward to creating. Folks had really resonated with my Bump design as well as my fox pieces. I put two and two together , literally and figuratively , and created two long-legged and sexy dance partners.

I so love the delicate long legs of the fox, their voluptuous tails and sleek bodies. Foxy Bump expresses all the hallmarks of my sculptures: Complex curves, highlighted dimensional lines, interactive planes, and a rich patina.

I will say it was a bit of a challenge working with those incredible foxtails. If you know me, you likely know that I’m a stickler for anatomy, skeletal ratios, and so on. In reality those tales are as long as the fox’s body! I like to take a feature like the tail and use its strength to push the design and emphasize the story.

There is a fine balance in creating the designs, balancing out all of the features while also being true to the anatomy of the animal and the spirit of the piece. If you’ve ever been dancing with a fox, no doubt you know this dance and the feeling of lighting the night fantastic.