A Bronze Meditating Dog Sculpture by Laurel

Dimensions: 3 3/8″H x 2 1/2″W x 2″D

Ask anybody which is the most loyal and loving of creatures. Most will respond “dog” without taking a breath.

I have little doubt that Brian, my Corgi, worships me. (May I be worthy!) No doubt he would wag his tail in agreement if he had one. I see in those liquid brown eyes he is as loyal as his body is long.

Devotion is a rich concept that can encompass anything from loyalty and faithfulness to piety and worshipful adoration. I created this Intentional sculpture as an invitation to the viewer. An invitation to dedicate themselves to whatever moves them.

Be it spiritual or earthy, this little pooch is happy to help. You can feel the power of its attention as it holds its head high, alert and wanting only to serve.

About Intentionals

This sculpture is part of my new series of Intentionals. I’ve designed them to actively help us realize our visions. Each has a hollow on the underside of the sculpture. The hollow itself is a metaphor for receptivity, and should you choose, write down a thought, prayer, goal , or anything. Place your writing in the hollow and allow the sculpture hold the vision for you.

Our ancestors across cultures created physical items to support their intentions: Some as lofty as world peace, and others as personal as marital bliss. These pieces are here to serve you, as you may well serve others with your intentions.