A Limited Edition Bronze German Shepherd Sculpture by Laurel


14″h x 6″w x 6″d
Edition of 18

This is Center Stage. If you recognize this pose then you’re connecting with one of the icons of the 70s.

Here we have a German Shepherd doing a fabulous John Travolta imitation. He has loads of masculine attitude,from the tip of his ears, through the thrust of his hips down to his paws. As with most of my pieces I’ve reduced and stylized realism into clean concave and convex curves while also using dimensional lines to generate a sense of motion and direction. All the energy in Center Stage is strongly up and out to the viewer.

You can tell this a German Shepherd by his profile, alert ears, full tail, dynamic strength, and poise. Center Stage is available in a couple of richly metallic patinas to complement the feeling of the piece.