A Limited Edition Bronze Dachshund Sculpture by Laurel

10″h x 6″w x 6″d
Edition of 85

28 “h x 19 “w x 19 “d
Edition of 45

This is the Twist Dachshund, my homage to the Twist and Shout era, the exuberance of life, and, of course, the specialness of the Dachshund.

With their long bodies, whip tails, velvet ears, and adorably short legs doxies are wonderful dogs to sculpt. I originally created the little Twist Dachshund as one of the five members of my twist party, and it was so popular I introduced the larger 28-inch piece you see here.

Besides being a beautiful piece of sculpture, Twist Dachshund just radiates delight. It’s a testimony to the motion and emotion that can be achieved through minimalism. As the piece turns you can easily visualize the movement before and after this frozen moment in time. When it’s not turning you still see the dance as the eye naturally explores the broad surfaces and dimensional lines.