A Limited-Edition Bronze Horse Statue by Laurel

13 1/4″h x 7.5″w x 4″d
Edition of 77

23 3/8″h x 11″w x 6″d
Edition of 55

78″h —20″w x 16″d
Edition of 39


This is Ode to Joy, my first horse sculpture and a wonderful culmination of the hallmarks of my style. It pretty much has it all: The concave and convex curves, conscious use of planes and volumetric mass, movement highlighted by dimensional lines, balance, and realistic proportions. And, of course, a ton of emotion. Although treated with my unique brand of minimalism, breeders and trainers have been struck by the horse’s anatomical accuracy.

More than 140 hours of sculpting went into this very happy bronze horse. It was a challenge, but well worth the effort.

My strong intention in designing the statue was that it would be truly unique and not just as another rearing horse. As it turns you can see all of the sensuous and graceful curves that express the movement and strength required for the horse to accomplish such a feat. Ode to Joy is perfectly balanced, as a horse would need to be in order to accomplish this move. When it is not attached to a base the sculpture does indeed stand upright on its single hoof.