A Limited-Edition Dachshund Sculpture by Laurel

Doxie Bump 13″
13.5″h x 14″w x 8″d
Edition of 39
Note:  The foundry proof is available. It is the last available piece in the edition. 

Doxie Bump 5′
63″h x 75″w x 30″d
Edition of 10

Doxie Bump 20″
20″h x 22″w x 12″d
Edition of 49
Doxie Bump 30″
31.5″h x 36″w x 18.5″d
Edition of 30

This is Doxie Bump, the piece that started the whole Bump series. I remember explaining my intention with the dancing dog series to a friend. I was thinking at the time about long and lyrical dogs doing classical dance poses, but then it occurred to me how great it would be to sculpt bronze Dachshunds doing the bump.

Here you can recognize the breed by the profile, the long, soft velvety ears, whip tail, short legs, and long body. Doxies are an energetic, fun breed with a ton of attitude. They’re long and sleek and yet full of mass, which lends itself well to my style.