A Bronze Dolphin Sculpture by Laurel

2 1/2″h x 4″w x 3 1/4″d

How clearly I remember the joy of playing in the water for hours with my family and friends as a child. It always seemed so unfair when we were called inside, even though we were beyond waterlogged. And I have always loved the magic of dolphins, so it only felt right to create a bronze dolphin sculpture. (The show “Flipper” was a favorite of mine in years gone by.)

What I love about this sculpture is that it makes for the perfect gift for lovers of both dolphins and art.

One of the cool things about this piece is how you can display the sculpture in several ways. It’s still the same jovial story, with its unique little twist. My hope is that we always have a lighthearted circle of friends in our lives. There certainly are times when three is not a crowd, and this is one of them.