A Limited-Edition Bronze Deer Sculpture by Laurel


16.5″h x 11″w x 12″d
Edition of 49

This is Field Trip, my first deer sculpture. I live in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. It seems a day doesn’t go by without seeing deer grazing in our fields and I really wanted to capture the sense of connectedness I see between the does and fawns. Like all of my sculptures, Field Trip has a huge emotional component.
Here I am expanding on a few design concepts from previous works.

For example, I continue to be fascinated by how reflective stainless steel can add to the narrative of a bronze sculpture. With this piece there is a sense of discovery not only for the little fawn, but for the viewer as well. I designed this sculpture as an expression of spring, the curiosity of youth, and the freedom of exploration , all supported and encouraged by a little parental vigilance.

This Bronze Deer Sculpture is for curious nature lovers. This piece is handcrafted to bring natureĀ and beauty to your home or office.