A Limited-Edition Bronze Bunny Rabbit Sculpture by Laurel

10.5″h x 7.5″w x 6″d
Edition of 85
19″h x 17″w x 11″d
Edition of 45
26″h x 24″w x 16″d
Edition of 35


Here we have the Bunny Bump sculpture. The original Bump with the Dachshunds was so popular I decided to expand on the theme with bronze bunny rabbits. For many people bunny rabbits personify innocence, play, and being in the moment. These two bunny rabbits are definitely in the moment. Through them I was able to elegantly capture a profound feeling of playfulness and lightness of heart.

Notice the polished tops to the paws and how that line is carried through to the polished edges of the ears. As with most of my bronze sculptures, I reduced and stylized the rabbit form down to its essence using concave and convex curves. I also made extensive use of dimensional lines to heighten the overall sense of motion. And even though treated with my minimalistic style, the anatomy and proportions of the bunnies are true to the actual animals. They’re unmistakable by their profiles, the long and expressive ears, button tails, and powerful hindquarters.

These elegant, yet playful bunnies make for a striking centerpiece or entryway showcase.