A Bronze Bison Sculpture by Laurel

3?h ◊ 4 1/2?w ◊ 2?d

I've wanted to sculpt a bison for some time. Theyíre so solid; it seemed a perfect animal for me to sculpt in a more traditional, non-whimsical design. If youíve ever wondered why their heads are always so close to the ground, you have no farther to look than their skeletal system. I spent a lot of time with it and itís pretty interesting: theyíre basically snowplows on the hoof, designed to push snow off of their food.

Bill is a classic bison, the icon of the West. As such he embodies a variety of medicines, including manifestation, protection, earth creativity, feminine courage, abundance, knowledge, generosity, hospitality, sharing work, courage, strength, challenge, survival, giving for the greater good, and formulating beneficial plans. Take your pick ó it's all good stuff. And in such a small package!