A Limited-Edition Bronze Bear Sculpture by Laurel


12.5″h x 15″w x 7.5″d
Edition of 45

This is Bear Bump, part of the Bump series. To most people, bears represent power. We all use power every day to get through life, but that power must be balanced. My goal here is to show that power also needs to play. Even the largest and fiercest creatures need to cut loose once in a while.

Bear Bump incorporates all the hallmarks of my style, which reduces and stylizes realism into concave and convex planes, while also making full use of volumetric mass. Bears are large and powerful, and I worked hard to capture that sense of size and strength while keeping the piece light-hearted. And though treated with my minimalistic style, the anatomy and proportions of the bears are true to the actual animals. You can identify them by their voluptuous body mass, rounded cowls and ears, and protruding muzzles.

This elegant, yet powerful Bronze Bear Sculpture makes for a striking centerpiece or entryway showcase.