Scottish Terrier Products & Facts

As a lover of Scottish Terriers, I wanted to give my list of sites, products and accounts to follow for all things Scottish Terrier! – This is just an amazing site with very in-depth information on over 100 breeds. They have resources for dog health, training, how-to’s, product reviews, dog name ideas, adoption and rescue links and more. Their Scottish Terrier section can be found here.

Campbell’s Scottish Terriers – Such a cute site for Scottie collectibles and gifts. They have a nice gift section under $10, $25, and $50 as well as plenty of decor and apparel for the Scottie lover you’re shopping for!

American Kennel Club – They have pretty visual, interesting page for all dong breeds. Worth checking out their Scottish Terrier page.

This gallery on Scotland Now is a must see for Scottie lovers. Adorable photos!

A Little About Scottish Terriers

Scottie’s beards and eyebrows are the physical trademarks they are known for that give them their sharp expression. They are compact and sturdy, with short legs. But don’t be fooled by that, as they are fearless, witty and powerful.

Scotties are feisty, yet devoted and independent. They are great at adapting to the changing moods of their owners, but have a strong distrust of strangers. They tend to not respond much to strangers when out and about, but will engage if another dog provokes him.

They are sensitive to praise and anger, and can be considered fairly aloof to outsiders. Certain terriers have a yap, but Scottish Terriers tend to have a powerful bark usually reserved for strangers.

Scottish Terrier Facts

  • Average height – 10 inches tall at the shoulders
  • 18-22 pounds
  • Average life span – 11 to 13 years
  • Originally bred in Scotland for hunting and following prey, so they instinctively dig
  • High-energy breed with lots of independence, intelligence and drive
  • Not great jogging companions, but need moderate exercise
  • Lightly sheds but will require significant grooming
  • Not suited for homes with infants or toddlers, as they are know to defend against child-like pulling and grabbing
  • High chase instinct, so a physical fence and leashing while walking is recommended
  • Ranked 3rd in alarm barking behind German Shepherds and Rottweilers
  • The American Kennel Club ranks Scotties as the 58th most popular dog breed
  • The Scottish Terrier is the only breed to have lived in the White House 3 times

The History of Scottish Terriers

The background and lineage of Scottish Terrier’s is somewhat unclear. The Scottish Terrier roots are believed to have come from the Old Scotch Terrier bred in Scotland. They were bred as very stable workers with high levels of stamina and independence.

They were known in the 1800s as “Skye Terriers”, as a generic name given to all terriers that came from the Isle of Skye. Many years later in the 19th century, the first Scottish Terriers were documented. They were divided into the four familiar breeds – Scottish Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Skye Terrier, and the West Highland White Terrier.

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