Juried Art Shows — What They Are & How They Work

Now that we’ve kicked off the first art show of the year at La Quinta, I’ve been reminded that not everybody understands all of the terminology that get used in art circles. Both the general public and aspiring artists.

For example, I get this question all the time…

What is a Juried Art Show?

Next time you go to any […]

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Artist Spotlight – Rosemary G. Conroy – Studio Buteo

As a sculptor who actively participates in art shows and galleries, I see an incredible amount of talent and stunning art. This includes all realms of art: from photography to fiber art and everything in between. One of my (many) goals has been to start an “artist spotlight” series of blogs. So without further ado….

Rosemary [...]

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4 Things All Bronze Collectors Should Know

Bronze’s durable beauty makes it unique among artistic media. But not all bronzes are created equal. There’s a lot of variation out there and it pays to know what you’re looking at and what you’re investing in.

I’ve found there are four common characteristics of lost-wax bronze that are worth keeping in mind. We came up with a handy little acronym for thinking about bronze quality: […]

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La Quinta Arts Festival Show Review – 2014

Ever wonder what art shows are like from the artist’s perspective? If you have, great! My plan is to write a few quick blog posts about some of the shows I participated in this year.

It made sense to start with the first show of the year for me, the La Quinta Arts Festival. It also happens to currently be the […]

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