My Lost-Wax Bronze Sculpture Process

Making a bronze sculpture is a challenging but rewarding task. It allows you to showcase your creativity in one of the most beautiful and oldest metal alloys on the planet. The “lost wax” casting method I’ll be discussing dates back as far as early Egyptian dynasties.

Step 1 — An Original Design

We don’t actually create the original design in bronze. […]

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What’s New? Three Pieces!

Hi, there.

There are three new pieces for you to find on the site.

While logging some quality home time during the off season I also managed to get into the studio.  You’ll find two more additions to my fox gallery and a brand new thing […]

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“Wild Colorado” Art Show

As we are in the thick of art show season, I wanted to drop a quick line to let you Coloradans know some exciting news. I’ve just been accepted in to the “Wild Colorado” Art Show at the Audubon Nature Center!

This is a very cool local art show featuring two and three-dimensional work from Colorado artists. The show is sponsored […]

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