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Five Tips for Getting Bronze Art Appraised

Have you ever inherited a bronze sculpture or found something at a thrift sale and wondered how to get your bronze art appraised? Just like paintings, bronze art can and should be appraised. Appraising a bronze sculpture can be challenging, but not impossible. Here are some tips for getting a valuation for your bronze piece!

  1. Have an authenticity statement. The […]

How to Make a Bronze Sculpture

Making a bronze sculpture is a challenging but rewarding task. It allows you to showcase your creativity in one of the most beautiful and oldest metal alloys on the planet. The “lost wax” casting method I’ll be discussing dates back as far as early Egyptian dynasties.

Step 1 — An Original Design

We don’t actually create the original design in bronze. […]

The Lost Wax Bronze Casting Process Explained

The “Lost Wax” bronze casting method dates back centuries to ancient Chinese, Indian, Greek and Egyptian cultures. And though the technique has evolved, it’s still much like it was in ancient times.

Bronze is the most popular metal for cast sculptures due to its strength, lack of brittleness, and expanding/shrinking properties throughout the casting process. Bronze alloys also allow for very detailed […]